Sunday, January 13, 2008

Finished muslin

I worked on Burda 11-2007-109 today. It seemed like it took all day but I think I really only put about 3 hours or so into it. I should have named my blog "The impatient sewist."

The finished muslin is a little loose. But I'm taking into account that this is only one layer and the finished dress will have 3 (lining, inner lining, and fashion fabric). When I made my daughter's prom dress (see the review at pattern review) her muslin was also a little large but when I sewed up the fashion fabric it was actually snug. I'm sure it's because I used a cheap, woven fabric for her muslin (as I did mine) that has more give than the fashion fabric.

Also I compared the magazine picture to my test and I think the 'drape' on the model is narrower which exposes the waist more than mine. So when I make mine, I will gather it about a 1/2 inch more.

What I liked about the magazine version was the tight fit through the waist. Mine is so much looser but when I reached under the drape and tugged it tighter it seemed to mimic the model's dress a bit more. I'm also considering extending the pleats in the front by about a 1/2 inch, but we'll see.

I'm going to 'lift' the drape at the side seam too. I don't want it riding on my hips.

The zipper in the back seems to be ok. In some BWOF patterns, the back seam is so 'straight' that is doesn't curve at the upper back towards the neck and requires darts etc... I'm not finding that here (so far).

Not the best angle, and way too long. I'll work on it some more tomorrow night.
Ignore the crazy lady in the picture. She has PMS.

We call this: Cat Butter", Beast (closest to the camera) and Chlorox (near the fireplace) stretch out in front of the fire and just melt.

Also keep in mind that this is my family room which is in the basement and a storage place for all rejected furniture etc...

Tune in tomorrow for God knows what. When there's PMS involved, life gets interesting.


Sew Shy said...

Your muslin looks great! What fabric will you be using for the actual dress? Something with more drape?

laura said...

Thank you! My January 9 post has a picture of my fabric,and yes it is 'drapier'.I intend to get moving on it next week.