Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The whine bag

No, when I say whine bag I'm not talking about me.

No, it's not a misspelling.

It started as a wine bag but evolved into a whine bag.

I've made and given many of these bags as gifts, and all have been received (I'm thrilled to say) with squeals of delight.

Hans and I have been invited out this weekend to an intimate little cafe where you bring your own wine. In the past we've actually been gauche enough to bring our wine in a WalMart bag, but c'mon, if I give them as gifts I should have one of my own.

I was in the middle of working on Burda 11-2007-109 but with the onset of PMS felt it wise to put that little project on hold.

That was probably the sanest decision I've made all week.

The bag went together fairly quickly and I was zipping into the last steps when I realized I had not put a magnetic snap into the flap and I was not about to disassemble it at this point.


I told myself that this was just going to force myself to think outside the lines. It was an opportunity to come up with a creative and new answer.

I ended up deciding on a button hole. Not new or creative but certainly workable.

The one, single. stupid, buttonhole took over one hour to make!!!!

I am not kidding, this is the honest truth.

First I made a sample button hole on a scrap of fabric that exactly mimicked the bag.


Then I made one on the bag.

The bobbin jammed up horribly and I had to rip it out.

Tried again.

I wondered what the hell my machine was doing and realized it made an eyelet! Not a button hole.

Ripped it out.

Started over.

The thread came off it's little track somewhere in the bowels of my machine and created the most unbelievable, dense mess yet once again in the bobbin area.

Ripped it out.

By now, my fabric which is a pale blue and white stripe is grubby and full of holes.

I made another test button hole on the other fabric.


Back to my bag.

Disaster, and I can hear Sally Stitch snickering in the background.

I'm truly ready to weep by this time. It's literally been one hour! I know this because I've just listened to two full Andy Griffith episodes on my little TV and all I want to do is finish this disaster but I'm stuck in the Twilight Zone.

One more time.


I'll take it.

I still have to sew a button on but I'm going to stop while I'm ahead. I'll finish it when the planets are aligned in a more favorable position which better be soon as I need it by Saturday.

I'm just glad that our little cafe is dark and pray that Hans doesn't take one look at it and ask, "Why don't we just use a WalMart bag?"


I took pictures but my computer ate them.


Katie Alender said...

I hate it when that happens! Buttonholes terrify me, because there's really no going back. Actually, I guess there is. But it's the painful, time-consuming kind of going back.

It's always the five-minute task that gets you. Always the "I'm going to sneak in one last" seam that has to be ripped out, all four feet of it.

Tell Sally Stitch to hush up.

laura said...

Oooh, I wish I could just slap old Sally Stitch silly. BUT, she's taken a restraining order out on me!