Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Please let this nightmare end.

I managed to get some pictures this morning (before my camera battery died) and here they are. Now, I realize that this stupid thing is something all you experienced sewists could do with your eyes closed but I feel I have show it to you anyway as proof that I really did make one.

One thing that I noticed is that the flap is too short. My previous (more successful) bag bodies were shorter in length and held 2 bottles of wine perfectly. However I realized that if you don't drink all the wine (something that never happens to us!) and you put the cork back in, the flap won't close all the way.

So I made the bag about 2" longer but forgot to compensate for the flap. The next one (minus a button hole!!) will have a different flap.

The flap on the inside that keeps the bottles from smashing into each other. It can lay flush against the back if you want use of the full space.


I haven't seen Hans since Monday (I wonder why). He just called and said he'd been reading my posts and wanted to know if I'd really kicked my computer. He sounded concerned.

"That's the only way I can get it to work." I said impatiently.
Then he wanted to know who Sally Stitch was.

"She's my dress form." I snapped. "And if you really loved me you would know that!"
"Well" He said slowly, like one might, when speaking to an idiot. "I'm not sure if you realize it but you said she barricaded herself and the cats in your sewing room. I think what you meant to say was that your cats knocked her over and she blocked your door."

"No", I said through clenched teeth. "She barricaded it shut. She thinks I'm unstable."
Still speaking slowly and carefully he said, "How do you know that?"
"Because she told me!" I screamed hysterically. "And she tells me that my clothes look better on her than on me too!!! Someone needs to make her stop!"


"Hello? Hans, are you there?"

Damn cell phones, he must have driven through a dead spot.


Katie Alender said...

It sounds to me like Sally's been poisoning him against you!

As a fellow creator of a fictional sewing nemesis, I feel for you.

And now tell more about the flap inside your bag, please! Can you explain how it's attached to the liner, etc.? I've been wanting to do that in a grocery tote and haven't been able to work out how exactly to make it work.

laura said...

It's very simple but I'm hideous at explaining things so I'll post a better picture tonight.

Angelia said...

Thanks for your words of encouragement about my pants... its just the last pair of pants I made were so good... and these seemed SO bad!! But I'm at peace with them now... And Laura at Laura's sewing room does make awesome pants... and everything else!

Your wine bag is adorable!!! I love it and I've actually never seen one that holds 2 bottles...
thats what we need... one bottle just ain't enough! I need to find a pattern like this....