Thursday, January 17, 2008

An answer to a question

Katie at had a question for me.

A first!!!!! (Be still my heart)

She simply asked for an explanation about the movable 'flap' inside my whine/wine bag. The 'flap' is what keeps the wine bottles from crashing together, thus preventing the loss of precious wine.

It's simply a flap sewn to one side of the lining.

I've inserted 3 pictures here and I hope they (and my explanation) are clear enough for you.

Picture # 1 is the mess.

Picture # 2 is a white paper cut out of the flap size, and location where I will place it on the lining.(I thought this would be easier to see as I don't have photo shop). The dashed lines on the paper represent stitching that's done after the flap has been turned right side out and pressed. This helps the flap fold around a bottle and then lay flush against the opposite side of the bag.

I don't make it the entire length of the bag but you can do what you want.

The flap has 1 layer of batting sandwiched in between.

The flap is only going to be sewn to one side of the lining. On a wine bag it should be sewn in the center, so there is equal room for 2 bottles. Depending on what you use your bag for you can put the flap wherever you want. You can use as many as you want also.

Picture # 3 is the flap, sewn to one side of the lining and bent to illustrate what it will look like inside a finished bag.

Boxing the bottom of the bag (so that it will stand up) will use up 2 1/2 inches of fabric on the bottom so I place the flap 3 or 4 inches from the bottom and stitch in place.

You can see that the flap can be pushed aside if you don't want to use it as a separator.

I hope this makes sense. I tend to over explain things!!!

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Katie Alender said...

Ooh, I get it! Thank you!