Friday, January 4, 2008

Procrastination, thy name is...


I don't make New Years Resolutions but I would really like to try to be a little more organized this year. Now, I'm down to one job for the next 3 months, so you would think that would free up some time. Think again.

I've known for about 2 weeks that we were going to Boston this weekend. As of this morning (Friday) I am not packed, I have dirty dishes etc... in my kitchen, my garbage needs to be put out, yada yada yada.
So, what have I been doing, you ask?

Well, first of all we had to get through Christmas, and my waitressing job didn't end until Dec 23. Then we had to get through the New Year and in between all of this I still have a full time job. So, Wednesday afternoon I thought to myself 'I need a new carry on bag or tote bag' or whatever you want to call it. So Wednesday evening I made a mad dash to the state store as my bourbon has a way of evaporating, (especially after I have my fuel oil tank filled to the tune of $628.00) and JoAnnns just happens to be in the same plaza.

I did not go into JoAnns, I did not pass Go, I did not collect $200. (How could I? I just spent $628.00 for fuel oil!).

I went home and used some fabric from my stash because like I said before, I spent six hundred and twenty eight dollars on fuel oil!!!!!

I think I paid $1.50 yard on sale for the home dec fabric that I used.

Luckily it was pre-washed so all I had to do was cut it out and sew it together. I didn't use a pattern so there was a whole lot of measuring and remeasuring. I had a basic idea of what I wanted but then I'd get another idea and waste time thinking things over. Then I'd have to measure and remeasure again. (That's why I like patterns, all that stuff is already done for you). Then I had to take the time to go for my run. I usually go for 4 miles but I've upped it to 5 as it's too easy to gain weight at this time of the year.

Thursday night (last night) I want to finish this bag!!! I do not want to carry the bag that I made last year (a horrible monstrosity that I made myself use because I'd put too much time into it). I found some purse handles that I bought on sale last year so now I have more ideas (oh, c'mon! It's just a stupid bag!!). I'm almost done but I have to go for my run. Oh, how I long for a better metabolism!! I got back from my run and finally around 11:00 I was finished!!

I wasn't packed for this trip (I have to go straight to Hans' from work today and he lives 90 minutes away from me), I did not give myself the hair treatment that desperately needs to be done, but I have a new bag. Now what's more important than that?

But, if I hadn't procrastinated and if I'd budgeted my time a little better, I wouldn't be a jittery mess right now.
We have a very busy year planned and I really don't want to go through this again and again.
Fortunately, I can go home for lunch. I'll pack up some clothes, throw dishes in the dishwasher, and put the garbage out so that my garbage can will blow around my driveway all weekend.

The sides can be let out for fullness. Now you might wonder why I used such springy colors in the middle of winter. I happen to like these colors, I used up some stash (fuel oil bill!), and who the hell would steal this in the middle of the airport? How many of these do you suppose are floating around out there? I could spot this baby a mile away!

I just had a brilliant thought. I'm not a procrastinator!! It's only January and I already have a leg up on summer.

This is a beach bag!!!!

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