Sunday, February 10, 2008

...and the winner is...

Baby Brother.

Hans' Baby Brother has won an Academy Award! He's out in L.A. as I write this and the picture above is one he just Emailed to Hans. It's really just a picture of a bunch of Oscars as he won't get his award until tomorrow night.

This is one of the technical achievement awards that are handed out now, and not during the televised events that we see in March. They also don't go through the nomination ordeal; winners are notified ahead of time that they've won.

It's an award for Mayan Fluid Effects and Baby Brother and 3 other co-workers are receiving it together. A few years ago his whole company won an Oscar for technical achievement for animation. I believe their technique at that time was used for animated movies such as Shrek.

Very exciting news and Hans said, "You should put this in your blog."

And I said "Well it really is exciting and Baby Brother is brilliant (and one of the nicest people you will ever meet even if he thinks Jiffy Muffin Mix is a gourmand delight), but I don't know if it's really appropriate. I didn't win it and it might be seen as bragging by proxy, and I can't stand people who do that."

So Hans immediately put me in my place by saying, "Of course people know you didn't win the award but you've mentioned Baby Brother in one of your other posts, so why not this?"

So I did and here it is.

Actually I hesitated to post this for another reason. I don't mention Baby Brother's name for a reason. He isn't aware at this time that I have a blog and even worse that he's actually been mentioned in it.

I have this fear that one day Baby Brother will be sitting before the head honcho, or the magnate of some super duper incredible software company, or Bill Gates, and this is what happens.

"Well, Baby Brother, your credentials are impeccable, your resume outstanding! But (and here it comes!), it has come to our attention that you've been mentioned in a certain blog. A blog that's, well, how do we say it? A blog that's written by your brother's girlfriend and we feel she's not wrapped quite tight. She thinks her dress form talks to her and she has a cat that's trying to take over her life!" Chuckle, chukle. "I'm sorry but we just can't take a chance with you. I'm sure you understand our position."

Baby Brother also mentioned that he still doesn't have his speech prepared.
Why didn't he let me know? I could have helped him!

Wouldn't that be an evening to remember!

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