Friday, February 22, 2008


Oh Happy Friday!! I got home a little while ago to find this in my mailbox.

The slouch bag by Nicole Mallalieu and the High Street Messenger Bag by Amy Butler, and I haven't even started on Nicole's Day Bag.

I have to work tomorrow and then I'm off to the Big City. But!!! That means tonight I'm really going to get to do some sewing. My sister's birthday is Sunday and as usual I don't have anything ready to send. But I'm thinking a slouch bag might be the ticket.
This month TBS has been celebrating One Month of Oscars and I'm hoping that they show something I like while I'm sewing tonight, like the other night when they played Some Like It Hot.
Ok! Enough blogging! Time to get some sewing done. Look out Connie, I told you I like a challenge!

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Angelia said...

Cute purses! can't wait to see them!
I love Some Like it Hot and we were actually watching it when it came on the other night...

The party was a huge hit! Check out the pictures of the Bald Man with Hair! Scary!!!!