Wednesday, February 20, 2008

National Hemorrhoid Month

I think February is just like hemorrhoids; uncomfortable, annoying, and just plain old won't go away! This is also the time I have to do taxes and fafsa (which for those of you who don't have kids in college, means begging for grant money).

I also, in a fit of brilliance, decided to start listing on ebay. Listing on ebay is a little like giving birth. You forget what a huge pain it is until you do it again and then you remember why you stopped the first time.

After taking pictures, packing, weighing, and listing; you need to check your emails regularly for questions from prospective bidders. I'm amazed that someone would email a question with 13 minutes remaining on an auction. This happened to me last night and I just stumbled on it in time to answer. Then after an auction is won, people will ask how long before they have to pay. Well, ding dong, it's right there in my set of rules, but you have to be nice and email a response. Then if your stuff sells, you get to make a trip to the post office the next day, and then wait with baited breath in hopes that no one leaves you with negative feedback.

Add up your hours etc...and it's hardly worth it. I'm going to have to have a garage sale this spring for the leftovers and I dread that more than a root canal. Anyone ever had a garage sale? How come everyone I know who has a garage sale brags about the gazillions of dollars they make at theirs, but when I have one I make about $23.00 and filthy people, who let their runny nosed kids rummage through everything, want to give me a nickel for grandma's crystal punch bowl set. And how do you say " no" to someone who asks to use the potty.

Maybe I'm being a lttle pissy because last year we were here!

And I don't want to be here!


Katie Alender said...

Aww, poor Laura. Throw your stuff out the window and Myrtle will take it.

laura said...

There's nothing left to throw but my laptop, and since I'm doing my taxes on line... and things aren't going well... look out Myrtle.

LauraLo said...

Hey, I kept wanting to tell you and forget because I'm so busy and stressed out! You're very funny, I love your posts

laura said...

Thank you Laura! You made my day. It makes me feel good to think that someone enjoys my odd sense of humor.

Angelia said...

snow! yuk!! I'd be pissy to if we had snow like that down here!!

longge said...

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