Saturday, February 16, 2008

Mother Nature is a B*&&^%%

Not a lot of blogging or sewing this past week. I had all kinds of things planned but Mother Nature in all of her glory had other plans for me. First a lot of snow and wind then a whole lot of freezing rain (how is it possible to rain at 25 degrees) and then, oh gee!!! more snow. This is a picture of Baby Girl's car after we managed to get most of the ice off of it.

Here is my driveway before and after an hours worth of shoveling (ME!). When I got up the next morning there was about 4 more inches of snow. Typical winter weather but I didn't want to shovel, I wanted to sew!

I couldn't run on Monday as it was dangerously cold, Tuesday brought more icy rain and the roads were waaaay too slippery. Wednesday was crappy too and on Thursday I had shopping and baking (stromboli and peach pie to take to the Big City this weekend!).

In an attempt to use my time off from waitressing (Jan -Mar) wisely, I've also started listing a bunch of stuff on eBay in an effort to clean house. Have you ever listed on eBay? I find it to be a tremendous amount of work! I hate the shipping part. It seems like I have to enter my info in too many times. I know I'm doing something wrong but I have no idea what. It takes me about 20 minutes to list just one stupid thing. Whatever doesn't sell is going into the garage sale pile and that's it!!

I just got a new Nicole Mallalieu purse pattern from Blue Merle Boutique (free shipping!) and I would have liked to start work on it. Next week I guess.

I also wanted to finish the damn Burda dress. I tried it on and the back is baggy. You know, the area between the shoulder blades and the hips. There's way too much room there and it makes me look shapeless. I believe I may need to do sway back adjustments on my dresses.(I'll need to research the technique) I took it in about 3 inches in the waist, and increased my back darts but it's still baggy. I don't know how much more I can take in without it yanking at the front pleats!

I like Nicole Mallalieu. Connie at Couturesmith just got one of her patterns and it reminded me of how much I like them.
I hate to say it but I think I'm going to get a couple more. I like making purses. There are no fitting issues and you can do really crazy creative things with them!!!!


ConnieB said...

So are we going to have a purse race??!! I have 2 fabrics for mine - a black broacade for the first one and a HOT greenish bronze alligator for the second- still looking for the perfect red leather though!

laura said...

WOW! Hot greenish bronze alligator!And boy do I love a challenge. I'm so ready to get back to purses! Ladies, start your engines!!!