Thursday, February 7, 2008

I can't believe I'm blogging when TBS is showing Rear Window!!! One of my favorite movies!!! Grace Kelly's outfit's alone make this movie worth watching.
I worked on my dress quite a bit this evening and ran into a weird snag. There is a drape on the font of the dress that worked fine on my cheap muslin. But, when I tried to attach the drape on the fashion fabric of the good dress, it just didn't fit together, or hang properly.
It wouldn't drape.
I took it off of the dress and looked it over and I think maybe the fact that I inner-lined it is the issue. It's supposed to drape softly and I think the inner-lining is too stiff, plus I honestly can't remember if I cut the inner-lining with the bias running in the proper direction.
I'm going to remove the inner-lining and go with just the fashion fabric. Not a difficult thing to do.

I just finished watching the scene in Rear Window with the brandy swirling, and Grace Kelly is wearing the sage green skirt with the white, cross over halter top dress. So classy!!!
I'm going to finish my movie now, while Chlorox purrs beside me and The Beast snoozes in front of the fire.

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Katie Alender said...

I haven't seen that movie for years, but I remember the fancy dress she wears... tea-length, full skirt--and thinking it was about the most beautiful dress I'd ever seen!