Sunday, February 10, 2008

Like, here's like, an update?

Baby Brother phoned us this morning at the ungodly hour of 11:00 AM and woke us up!! (It's my only day to sleep in, so no nasty comments!).

Anyway, he received his award last night, not tonight as I stated in last night's post. (I'm easily confused, or maybe bourbon dulls my hearing. Whatever!).

He said it was very exciting and the above picture is the stage where Jessica Alba presented him with his award. I'm not sure what else he said because he was in a hurry to catch his plane and it sounded as though he'd already had about ten cups of coffee.

What he won was a certificate, not a statue! Sorry about that (did I say easily confused?). There were statues, plaques, and certificates awarded that night. However I have seen the statuette that his company won a few years ago. It's surrounded by a little cage and an alarm system in his company's building.

The only other thing of note that happened this morning was that I got my very own library card to use in the Big City. Luckily I had my library card from home to prove I'm responsible enough and/or not illiterate or they may not have let me have one. I promised them my first born if need be, but they turned me down. They don't need a 24 year old insurance salesman at this time I was told.

So while I'm begging and pleading for a card, this little snot came up beside me and started bitching out the other helper at the desk. Apparently she had a fine on a book and didn't know about it and they said they'd sent a letter to her. But! It went to her old address and had not been forwarded to her new one.

I went something like this:

"Like, I don't know why you need my new address? Like, it's really none of your business? Like, I don't know why you feel the need to like, send me anything in the mail?"

Library lady patiently explained that they need her address in case they have to reach her.

"Like, that's why you have my Email? Like, that's why I gave it to you when I got my card here? And I really don't know why I'm being like, so rude to you? But I'm really upset because where I live is like, none of your business?"

Library Lady said she understood, but it's still library policy to have a physical address of patrons holding library cards. I myself am not sure what the exact issue was, because Hans gets emails from the library all the time, such as when he's waiting on a requested book.

But she continued with her incredibly chirpy bitching and I swear if I'd been suffering from PMS I would have had to open a can of whoop ass on her!

Has anyone else like, noticed, or is it like, just my age, but do younger girls like, have the most irritating, chirpy voices these days? Like, what do you think?

Like, Later!!

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Angelia said...

hahaha... yes! annoying! OMG, how did you not tell her to shut up! like, really tell her to shut up, like you know?

I've been really bitchy lately I think I would have..
I get like this when I have to much work/sewing to do for other people!