Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sewing at Sea Once Again.

We got back on the boat a very eventful 2 weeks ago. We sailed out of frigid Charleston, SC and finally (FINALLY!) arrived in Florida yesterday. And I have to tell you, anchoring in sub freezing weather isn't fun. But on the other hand it was better than some of the crazy things we've endured on this trip.

The worst thing that's happened so far is when Hans fell into the water at 4 AM while trying to retie our dock lines. The water was 46 degrees and we're very lucky that he only ended up needing seven stitches in his hand.

So here's my sewing machine in the salon area of the boat. I was fortunate enough to have a few free hours while on shore power one day and was able to get some mending done.

My sewing supplies are in a plastic caddy that I found on sale at Michael's. It's nice and flat and I'm able to store it upright in one of our lockers.

And since space is such an issue on boats I took a stab at coming up with a solution of my own.

This odd looking thing is a 'purse holder'. I found it at Target and thought maybe I could use it to store towels etc... but there is just no where on the boat where I can hang it.

So I tore the big stinker apart and restitched it.

I ripped the holders off of one side, left the others in place, and then pleated and stitched the length of one long edge.

I realize my information is sketchy so maybe this picture will help a little.

I now have pleated pouches that can hopefully be velcroed to a wall of our guest berth. They can hold socks, undies, swimsuits... which is kind of necessary since all the storage space normally used for clothing has been taken over with all our food provisions.

And I can use the remaining pouches (removed from the opposite side) to make another one.

Wilbur grew bored with my sewing and took a nap.

I've been waiting for some normal weather before I try to stick the velcro to the wall. When I do, I'll take a picture.

I have to say that I'm very happy I brought my sewing machine with me.

I only wish I actually had time to sew.