Sunday, March 13, 2011

Finally in the Bahamas

We finally got here and of course managed to get caught in the middle of a huge storm with winds gusting over 50 knots!
Hans is in full foul weather gear, life jacket, and safety harness. It was too nasty to even attempt entering the Bimini harbor so we ended up anchoring in Nixon's Harbour in South Bimini.
The next day we had to ride 6 foot waves into the harbor but we got here and cleared customs.

Our first sunset.

Wilbur playing on the beach. The water is sky blue and when it crashes on the beach it's crystal clear.
Yes, that's my sewing machine in the cockpit. I made a rather ugly but possibly usable wind scoop for our berth hatch.
We are heading out today and hopefully sailing down to Cat Cay. We bought some Conch from a man who rowed over to our boat last night and I hope to grill it tonight.