Monday, October 22, 2012

Bloggers meet yet once again!

Last week Hans had to go to New Orleans on business so I paid a visit to my youngest daughter who now lives in Kentucky.

I had a really nice time mostly due to the fact that I didn't sweat 24 hours a day in the Florida heat, witnessed the beauty of fall foliage and not the endless monotony of palm trees, and was able to take a hot bubble bath every stinking night that I was there.
Only those who've lived in Florida, on a boat with awful air conditioning, during the summer, can truly appreciate this.

I also got to meet up with Cyndi from Cut-Up and Sew again.  The first time I met Cyndi was when I moved my daughter to Indiana. We got together again when Cyndi was visiting her family here in Florida this summer, and believe it or not, my daughter's new home in Kentucky is only a half hour or so away from her, so of course I was thrilled when we were able to hook up. Remember, she made Hans and me a beautiful quilt for our wedding and I still can't believe it's all mine!!!

 During my visit with Cyndi I had so much fun and I have a feeling that even if we were to spend a solid week together we'd never stop talking!  Cyndi is a fabulous host and her home is so welcoming and comfortable. I absolutely love her sewing room and I have to admit that that's the one thing I really miss about living on a boat.  Anyway, the only regret I have is that even though we mentioned it a couple of times, we didn't get around to seeing her finished Mickey Mouse quilt top. 

 So anyway, while I was there I got to meet Noah the Basset/Beagle Mix (who was quite happy to socialize) and Wilson the Cat (not quite so happy to socialize and who viewed me at a safe distance from under the bed).
I have to stop here for a moment to tell you first of all, I love animals (just in case you never guessed that).
Second of all, animals are like people in that they have their own distinct personalities. Some just happen to be blessed a bit more than others, and let me tell you Noah is one of them.

Needless to say, I was missing my Wilbur, and Noah was kind enough to entertain me.  Actually, I was a little surprised (actually a lot surprised) to find that Noah is just as gifted if not more so than Wilbur when it comes to the surgery department.  Wilbur loves to perform squeakerectomis on his stuffies before he gives them liposuction but Noah has a couple of years on Wilbur and he has his surgeries down to a science.

Cyndi had informed me that Noah has a habit of  removing the eyes from his patients/victims before he commences to disembowel them and then she gave Noah a brand new juicy purple Easter bunny (new to him anyway, it actually came from a thrift shop).  He happily mouthed it for a spell while we gabbed away and then all of a sudden he jumped up and with his new friend held firmly in his mouth we heard him bounce down the steps to the family room.

Me:  Where's Noah going?

Cyndi (quite calmly):   Oh he's probably going downstairs to rip the bunny's eyes out.

Me (clutching my chest): Oh my God!  Really?

Cyndi:  I can't tell you how many times I've gone down to the family room and found eye balls all over the floor.

Apparently Noah likes to perform his surgeries in secret and I had this vision of a mafia like setting (blackened windows and guards at the door) where stuffies get  'the treatment'.

Noah soon came bounding back up the steps and still clutching his purple bunny, he happily hopped back into his chair.  He gave me a benign smile and continued to maul his bunny as if he'd never left the room.  I watched him for a minute or two and then I couldn't resist it; I had to take a closer look.

Noah sets his bunny aside and politely asks me if I'd like a cup of tea.

The bunny says something that apparently irritates Noah.

There's nothing more wonderful than burying your head into your prey.
Saving the world from purple bunnies is exhausting.

Noah proudly let me take his victim from him and I gasped in horror when instead of looking into the prettily embroidered eyes of the purple bunny I instead stared into empty sockets full of fiberfill (cue in the music from Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds'!).  Needless to say, the fiberfill didn't last long either and very soon afterward the floor was thick with it.
I felt very much at home.

And then my visit up north was over before I knew it and we were back home to reality once again.
Hans missed his flight home and instead of arriving at 1PM he got here at 2AM and still had to be at work the next morning.
Wilbur had a blast at Doggy Camp and slept for 16 hours without ever going potty.

I got to do the laundry.

But fall really seems to finally be arriving here at our marina and I'm feeling ever so energized to get back to some sewing.