Monday, October 27, 2014

Finally, Fall is Here! And I Finished my Quilt. No Kidding!

It appears summer is finally releasing its hold on the south and we are now a week free of having the air conditioner running in our salon. It can still get pretty warm inside but the evenings have been pretty nice.

Since we used a bigger air conditioner this year as opposed to the last two years I was able to actually accomplish some summer sewing.

Some. Just not a lot.

Last year we finally replaced our tired and very old (nearly 18 yrs) main sail and I made sure that our old main sail came back to us as I really hoped to make some bags out of it. Well, we got it back all right and after letting it stew in its own juices for a few months (all folded up in a tight, hot mess) I, all of a sudden, decided I needed to get started on those bags.

It took me two whole days to get one hunk of sail cloth clean enough to even consider sewing. Mold, mildew, and filth hardly describe the mess I discovered upon unfolding our main and I nearly wore my arm out with scrubbing before finally giving in and adding bleach to my repertoire.

The guy that ordered this uses it for his volleyball evenings. It holds beer, snacks, garbage bags, etc... He calls it his 'chick bag'.

All of my sail bags have 6 internal pockets along with a secure velcro pocket.


This was an anniversary gift for a surprised wife.

A fellow live-aboard gentleman and I had a talk about what motif we should put on his bag. After many ideas (I swear men will forever be trapped in a 10 year old mentality) I persuaded him to let me do my own thing. I came up with this. It's entirely up to discussion.

And here is the finished quilt I started this past spring. I so need to get this in the mail.



And for the next baby quilt on the block, it's called Applejack!


A couple of finished squares.


For this new project I'm using a 'Quilt as you Go' method. So far I really like it. It makes sewing a quilt in a small area a very enjoyable experience.


I've been really zipping along on this and I have such high hopes for it! I'm keeping my fingers crossed. But in the meantime, I received an order for another sail bag.

Good Times.