Sunday, February 24, 2008

Just slouching around.

Friday night I managed to get some sewing done. I made the small slouch by Nicole Mallalieu. I'm incredibly cheap so I decided to use an old pair of blue jeans for the purse and the lining is some slinky paisley, left over from a skirt I made for Baby Girl.
Seeing this paisley fabric reminded me of the day before Baby Girl's Senior Award Night last year, when I realized she had nothing to wear. If I hadn't hurried up and made her a skirt and lent her one of my tops, she would have gone up on stage to accept her scholarship (where she high-fived the vice principal) wearing a hoodie, sweat pants, and a pair of men's bedroom slippers and not thought a thing of it.

I kid you not!

One day she came home from school and kicked off her shoes (in the middle of the living room of course) and I said, "What are those?" and she said, "My shoes." and I said, "But what are they?" And she said very patiently (like one would to an imbecile), "Men's bedroom slippers."

And they were.

But anyway, I like Nicole's patterns because, to me, they seem to be well engineered. Everything always falls into place the way they're supposed to. This really is an easy pattern and I realize as you look at it you'll think that mine is very plain and I agree.

I just wanted to put one together to get an idea of the dimensions and feel of the purse. I can then decide what embellishments can be made etc...on future purses.

The only zipper I had laying around was bone colored, but I really didn't care. Then I found an off white purse strap and realized that they went together well. I had no intention of really using this prototype and then decided that this will be a simple purse to carry with a t-shirt and jeans.

Here's the slouch, lounging in Hans' apartment. And here it is, opened up and showing off its lining. (Shameless!).

Here is the bottom!. All the little darts line up perfectly and give a nice roundness to it.

You know what? I'm going to get to work on all of my purse patterns, and for my own personal challenge? I'm going to whip out all kinds of fun and different purses!

I need to go now. I have to work on the acceptance speech that I plan on making when I win the Purse Queen award in my little swamp town!!!