Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Happy Birthday Purse

Here is my sister's birthday present, finally done! I think it looks like something she might like. Since the purse has a zipper closure, I decided not to use a zipper on the inside pocket. I also added a decorative flap that just flips over the top freely without a snap to hold it on the other side since it wasn't necessary as the zipper gusset keeps the purse closed.

My camera doesn't do well with close ups so this is blurry. I added a small loop at the end where the zipper 'starts' so that you can grasp it for easier opening.

Here is the view from the top. This really is a nice pattern with a lot of potential for different looks. It also has a flap alternative, or you can forgo the zipper and just have a snap closure which makes for a much faster sewing experience.

I worked on my Burda dress today also (I'm not happy with my work on it). I need to hem it and I'm not sure how to do that since I underlined it with organza, which is stiff and I'm not sure how it will affect the hem. Do I cut the organza away from the side seams and hem it separately, or do I turn it under with the fashion fabric?

This is where I have my difficulties. The information that I gather from magazines etc... never quite goes the full distance for me. I need things explained in DETAIL! Whenever I've taken classes I've always done really well (thus earning me the title of Teacher's Pet!). But learning on my own is a whole different story.

Well folks, I'm sick to death of winter. The storm that swept through Texas this week has hit us here in the North East, but I think that every storm that hits anywhere in the good old USA eventually finds us and I refuse to take any more pictures.

Yesterday by lunch time we had around 6 inches of snowfall. I shoveled the driveway at around 6:00 pm and by this morning there was 6 more inches of snow waiting to be shoveled. Hans got into the airport last night around 8:30 and lucked out in his trip to my house in that there was a small window of opportunity when it wasn't snowing, or raining sleet.

It's been steady sleety snow all day and is supposed to finally stop tomorrow, but I know I will have to shovel yet once again.

March is a cruel month.