Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays and I hope I'm done!

Here is the bottom of the Day Bag that I made for Vet Tech Girl's Christmas Present.

Purse Feet!

This inside lining and zipper pocket.

I love the Paw Print and I hope she does too.

I like having a zipper closure for more security and I was amazed at how close of a match I got colorwise with the zipper and the fabric.

I added grommets along the bottom edge of the flap because I thought it seemed a little blah.

And here's Sally Stitch modeling both the purse and the cute shirt that I found at Fashion Bug. I didn't realize at the time that the shirt actually matches the purse.

On Saturday I finished up my year at the Inn and I took today as a vacation day from my regular job as I didn't have any Christmas shopping done. I got home around 4:30 PM and just finished wrapping !

Tomorrow The Beast will go to work with me for Christmas Eve. She's done this for years and since she doesn't want to be grubby I need to get a move on and brush her right now. I use a cat brush and my sweeper and she loves it.

I kid you not, she loves my sweeper!

We call it her 'Day of Beauty'.

For those of you who celebrate the Holidays I wish all of you well!


Anonymous said...

That bag is so cool. She will love the paw print fabric, I'm sure. And I like the touch of the grommets - goes well with the chunky cordoroy. I know my daughter would drop dead with joy if I made her one, only in pink, and appliqued with Tinkerbell on the front also. This I will do - maybe before her birthday in April.

Have a great holiday! Enjoy.

Angelia said...

Beautiful bag!

Happy Holidays to you and Hans!

Nikki said...

I have exactly the same paw print fabric ... well, in a different colourway. I nearly bought that colourway.

Love the bag! Hope your girl does, too.

Unknown said...