Thursday, March 12, 2009

I love my new labels!!

Here they are.

My new labels, and I think they're too cute!

Somehow I stumbled upon Boody Babies over at Etsy and I liked the site. Anyway after I explained to her that I'm completely ignorant of all things to do with graphic design and very timidly asked her if she could come up with something, she did.

I wanted the words to look like they were made of rope, a kitty face in place of the letter O in Knotty, and some of the letters to look, well, knotted. This label has several meanings for me. I like cats and we have a catamaran boat. The ropey look represents all the different ropes (although they're referred to as sheets and halyards etc...) on a boat, and you can take the word knotty in any way you wish. I thought these could still serve me well if we actually end up on our boat and I'm actually able to sew while on it.

By the way, these labels were in the mail to me within a day and they were also very reasonable.

On Sunday I signed papers with my realtor so my house is now officially on the market. On Monday I emptied out medicine cabinets, cleared out everything from under the sinks, then swept out every drawer and cupboard, swept the garage and the whole downstairs, scrubbed toilets and mopped kitchen and bathroom floors. By the time I got to the Big City that night I was was stinking tired!But I had to drive back to my house today so I could put out the last of the garbage, and I need to empty out the refrigerator, and last but not least Chlorox, my timid kitty, needs to be picked up from Baby Girl's apartment and taken back to the Big City.

This should be fun.

That poor cat was taken to Baby Girl's apartment in the beginning of January and she spent her first month under the bed before she progressed to the closet. Only a couple of weeks ago did she venture forth long enough to go downstairs and smack the other resident cat in the face before she went back upstairs and crawled back under the bed. I had hoped that Baby Girl would forget that this was a temporary arrangement but my hopes were shattered last weekend when in the middle of her soccer banquet she leaned over and whispered in my ear, "When are you taking that damned cat back?"


Don't be fooled, tomorrow this will turn into a screaming banshee for the whole hour and a half trip back to the Big City.

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Angelia said...

Love the labels!!!!!!