Saturday, May 2, 2009

Vacation Mode

Hans is taking a well deserved vacation so we've headed down to our boat for a week.
Here is Hans checking things out on our girl. We just had her hauled out, scraped, and repainted. Kind of like her own version of going to the gynecologist.
My Etsy site is also on vacation. That means it disappears. Just like that!
I started adding some things to Etsy in the middle of April and nearly fainted when one of my wine totes sold. I mean there are thousands of vendors out there!

In the meantime I've brought a couple of books, both by Olivia Goldsmith. She writes great chick lit! Normally I'm not a fan but like Jane Green, this woman can write.
I finished Katie Alender's book, 'Bad Girls Don't Die', and I loved it. It gave me goose bumps and I almost cried at the end. My daughter, The Vet Tech, saw it on our coffee table and asked me about it. As soon as I described it she scooped it up and it went out the door with her. She better bring it back.

This should be an interesting week as nothing but rain has been forecasted (big surprise!) and we are here to sail.
Anyway right now Hans is itching for me to get off the computer so he can challenge me to a game of Scrabble. He's feeling pretty smug because for some reason (I'm sure he cheated and it couldn't have had anything to do with my PMS) he beat me two times in a row the last time we were down here!
PMS not withstanding, I intend to kick his butt!!!

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