Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Italy. The End.

I posted earlier about our whirlwind visit to Italy (insert sarcasm here), but we did get to go out to dinner with two of the people Hans had business with.

Oh my!

Just think of it as The Beverly Hillbilly's visit Italy!

The restaurant we ate at requires reservations and you still have to ring the buzzer to get in.

We decided to order fish, so the waiter brought a huge silver bowl full of fish to choose from.

I mean whole fish, like they had just been pulled from the lake or ocean (I can't even imagine what they would have presented to us if we'd requested beef).

Not a problem for me but Stephanie, who is a nurse and views gruesome things on a daily basis, has a huge problem with seeing her food in its original form (and she still doesn't know that the sausage we ate in Barcelona the other night was really dried blood!).

I watched a group of six women walk in and I know I saw at least two Louis Vuitton Bags (which by the way I think are waaaaaay overpriced!) and they wore black sweaters with huge white collars, spiky suede boots, or slouchy sweaters draped over bony shoulders. At another table sat two women and one had platinum blond hair with bangs that were cut severely across her forehead just above her very obvious fake eyelashes.

I wanted to whip my camera out all night long but decided that it would probably be a pretty tacky thing to do.

Tomorrow we have to leave the hotel by 6 AM for our flight back to London.


The front desk has promised coffee.

I only hope that they serve more than the teaspoon full of espresso that seems to be the norm here in Europe.

If I don't get my coffee in the morning, I get mean(er)!!

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Anonymous said...

Omigosh, I would have felt like such a country bumpkin in that environment! Love the visual about what if you had ordered beef!