Sunday, January 18, 2009

The last of Barcelona

Here is Christopher Columbus, pointing to the way to America! Not a very good picture but it will do! Can you imagine such a thing! Even with engines and GPS I wouldn't do it!

We went to the Cathedral, and I mean 'The Cathedral' ; a truly traditional Catholic Cathedral and a huge tourist attraction. Right now it's under huge major construction and I couldn't get an outside photo of it for this reason.
On the cement floor inside, there are many symbols of those buried below (at least I think that's what they are) such as sculls and crossbones and these scissors which may represent a tailor?? We weren't sure, maybe someone else out there knows what this means?

Here is a sclulped figure at The Gaudi Tower. All of the figures look like this. Not life like at all, but more like Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas.
See the scull at Christ's feet? Weird.

Another view of the incomplete Gaudi Cathedral.

Cranes in the background. They could be there for another 200 years!
I kid you not.

Here is a view of a different cathedral at the top of Mount Tibidabo. The restaurant we ate at was about 3 quarters of the way up this mountain. One Sunday, about 15 years ago, when Hans was in Barcelona on business he actually walked up this mountain from bottom to top because he had nothing else to do that day!
You'd have to be here to appreciate this!
Of course I knew exactly what he did when he reached the top.
Had a beer and got a taxi back to the hotel!
We landed at Orly Airport in Paris on Saturday and today is Sunday. We went to the Louvre today and I do have photos but have only just now been able to get online.
We did have a minor problem on the subway when my ticket wouldn't work at the turnstyle and when I motioned to the nasty ticket seller that there was an issue, she waved her hands over her head, stuck out her tongue, and rolled her eyes at me.
She should be incredibly thankful that I don't have PMS!!

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