Tuesday, January 20, 2009


If someone asks if I've ever been to Italy I will certainly be able to answer in the affirmative. And if they ask me about the sights; I'll be able to give a highly detailed description of my hotel room!

Today (Tuesday) is our only full day here and Stephanie really wanted to see Da Vinci's Last Supper that's in Milan, and I wanted to find one piece of nice fabric to make a purse. I was very well behaved in Paris and didn't even go near the fabric shops as I still have material left from my last visit but I thought a piece from Milan might be nice.

It didn't happen.

The men were supposed to arrive back at our hotel sometime in the late afternoon and we didn't want to leave them hanging while we were out sight-seeing. So we just went out for a quick lunch and then came back to our rooms to wait for them. Finally around 5:00 I started to wonder where they were when Hans called. "We'll be back around a quarter to eight." he said!!!!

A quarter to eight!!!

I hadn't eaten since noon and when I don't eat, I get mean(er)!

Needless to say, Hans' room charge now will include a bag of greasy potato chips and a can of peach tea that came with the mini-bar because it made no sense to go back out and try to find something to eat when we have dinner reservations for eight.

The one good thing about today though is that while we were out for lunch I happened upon a shop that had leather gloves on sale.

19 euros later, these were mine.

So much for my trip to Italy.

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