Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's a Great Day for Sewing (and Hockey!)!

With the hockey play-offs going on right now all I hear these days is 'It's A Great Day for Hockey'! But for me, today was a Great Day for Sewing.

Actually I don't have a picture of the purse that's really got me worked up but I'm very happy with it.

I've found that when I'm running I get really great ideas for projects, so as soon as I get home I draw a picture so I have time I look it over later.

Yesterday I started in on such a project and at first I was horribly disappointed. I'm cheap at heart so I use as few materials as possible when I first start. What I had was a bag with no interfacing or support but I was just trying to get a feel for the design. When I ended up with a floppy, horrible failure I decided to go ahead and try some batting, and I even cut up some of my boning. It didn't take long to realize I was on my way to something I was pretty sure I could like.

So first thing this morning after my coffee and Raisin Bran, Chlorox and I got started.

Each step of the way had me getting my hopes up but I know that sh*t happens so I kept steeling myself for disappointment.

It was a success.

I love it.

It's just a simple bag and I've seen many of this kind around but they always looked so cheap but I think mine is better.

I'll try to post a picture tomorrow.

And finally, here's a finished picture of the 'Bag that Almost Wasn't'. The one that Hans gave a thumbs down to when I had it (and its twin) halfway done.

His issue was the fact that the bottom (which are 2 pockets on both sides by the way) was a wine bottle motif and the upper part was of a more natural theme. He could see that I liked the fact that both prints had grapes and that the vines on the grape print matched the color of the background on the wine bottle print.
But, "They just don't go together." was his thought.

I realize the Bamboo handles might be a bit oversized for the bag but, tough!!!

I don't care.

Here's the inside zipper pocket with a cork zipper pull and my Knotty Cat label.

Just another shot with the pockets empty. The first picture up above has a folded piece of paper sticking out of a pocket so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about.

Here's the structured bottom using Nicole Mallalieu's technique.

I use it all the time.

I didn't realize that Chlorox was condo shopping...

...until I saw this.

After shopping around she's decided on the lower floor of the duplex.

She says it's roomier.

Now this has me slightly pissed.

Our mailman cannot grasp the fact that I'm in apartment 2, not apartment 1, and my daughter gets my mail on a daily basis.

I've been waiting for this cork fabric (I already have the cask fabric) for a custom order request and I knew I should have had it this morning. When it didn't come I started in on the bag that I really had a good time with but I still have to get that damned cork bag done by Saturday.

Guess what?
The fabric was at my daughter's all day and I just got it this evening when she got home from work.
That means tomorrow will be a sewing marathon as the purse I'm supposed to make takes all day long to sew (8 covered buttons to be hand sewn in place and button holes!), and I really wanted to make a new bag for myself for my daughter's lacrosse game on Saturday!

Sh*t Happens, right?


Debbie said...

I like the wine bottle/vine bag. Cork zipper pull is a great touch! I'm going to have to follow the link for the bottom of the bag.

Great shot of the kitty in her duplex!

Anxious to see photos of your new design.

Maryissewfast said...

Gotta love the kitteh!!! Nice kitty condo!

Angelia said...

I LOVE it! Great bag! I want to make a wine tote! Have you seen the wine bottle tapestry fabric?
When I make one I am so stealing you cork zipper pull ideal.

Our mail man is forever giving us the wrong mail! So annoying!

Karin said...

Great looking bags. Very cool!

And the kitty's condo is hilarious. Cats can be so inventive!