Tuesday, February 10, 2009

One small room...

...One big pain.

I'm still working on fixing my house for sale and it's beginning to feel very Groundhog Day(ish) around here.

Everyday it seems like I wake up to the same mess and/or a new nightmare.

Last week I suffered through a day long visit from the plumber and it wouldn't surprise me if I've provided a trip to Disney World for someone at that company.

I thought after painting 3 bedrooms (including the ceilings) that I was done with that fun little chore.

I'm not.

Yesterday I decided to get to work on the bathroom by replacing the wall paper border that I put up about 6 years ago. Unlike the previous owners, I did use sizing (it's a preventative step that you should use with wallpaper, in that if you feel like making a change, you can peel it right off).

I didn't realize that when I painted and papered 6 years ago, I didn't paint all the way to the ceiling. But I didn't. Probably because I didn't want to tape off the ceiling. Anyway after I peeled off the border and saw what I did I thought, "Big deal." Yeah, big deal all right, because my new border is about 3 inches narrower than the old and now the unpainted area will show!!!

Damn it!!!!

The good thing is that I saved a Cool-Whip tub of the paint that I used all those years ago. It's a lavender shade and I mixed it with glaze.

The bad thing is that there is a definite line where the old paint is and where the new paint will begin.

The good news is that I think after I paint the blank strip, I can drop the border down a few inches thus sandwiching the tell tale 'line' underneath the border.

Also, once again it would appear that the previous owners didn't prime the walls in some areas of this bathroom. So now I have to do some priming too.

Here's the lavender paint and you can see the 'line' that I some how created while painting.

Actually I think I painted the room with the original border in place and then later on replaced it with mine.

A view over the other door.

So today, in between waiting for paint to dry and attempting to apply 9 foot sections of wall paper border by myself (and without a 9 foot arm span this is just not fun!) I will continue to make little sorties to the Salvation Army where everyone groans as soon as they see me pull into the parking lot.

I pray that tomorrow I will have some good 'after' pictures to show you.

Of the bathroom. Not me.

What a shame, because usually after spending an entire day in the potty, one should come out looking beautiful.

I think I'm going to look crazy and frazzled!

Isn't that sad?

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