Thursday, February 12, 2009

For your listening pleasure...

In addition to my moving all of my belongings into Hans apartment over the last month, Hans ended up getting a keyboard. Actually this one is going back because it doesn't work with his computer properly but don't worry there is a replacement all lined up.
I guess we keep forgetting that this is a one bedroom apartment.
I took a very short video of him playing House of the Rising Sun. I don't know why I like that piece of music but I always make him play it.
As you watch it, you'll notice a portrait of a man in the left side of the picture. That's Hans' paternal grandfather and a lot of people think it's Hans. Then on the mantle are pictures of us and actually you can see Hans' bronze baby shoes. Mine are up there too but you can't see them. Off to the right and up on the wall is a portrait of Hans' mother when she was somewhere in her 30's, and to the far, far right is a drawing of Hans when he was a little boy.

Apparently, Sally Stitch stowed away in the SUV last week. Hans says it's very disconcerting to get up in the night for a glass of water and find her waiting in the kitchen. The fact that she doesn't have a head is a little unsettling too.

I told him to be thankful for that; if she had a brain we'd both be in trouble.

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