Sunday, September 21, 2008

I feel like I was held hostage....

... by my internet connection!!

I finished my Teardrop last week and had hoped to spend my weekend posting pictures etc... but I had an extremely slow connection so I had to wait until tonight.

Hans and I took Friday as a vacation day so that we could take advantage of the beautiful weekend and get in some sailing. Hans had business in the Baltimore area so he drove down to MD earlier in the week and then I flew down on Thursday night to meet him and by 9:00 that night we were on board and ready to go.

It was a fantastic weekend of sailing as we had up to 20 knots of wind for a good deal of the time and our Miss Kitty performed admirably! Hans had her sailing at about 5 knots, 45 degrees into the wind and I've probably mentioned before, that we've been told our Bob Johnson, Island Packet Catamaran can't do that, but she does.

I wanted to spend time reading and commenting on my favorite blogs but after about an hour of trying to connect, and then waiting for about 10 minutes for each blog to appear, I said 'the heck with it' and just gave up!

Isn't this a pretty purse?

When I went to the quilt shop where I buy my 'better quality' fabrics, I had already picked out a purple and yellow combo (big surprise?) when the sales lady (no doubt trying not to cringe) aimed me in the direction of this color combo.

I think it turned out very nice.

And when I was boarding my plane, a lady behind me remarked that it was a really great bag!!!

I think the stripes lined up pretty good for me.

And here's Sally Stitch wearing my finally completed Burda 06-08-124, and carrying my Teardrop purse.

It's really hard to see but the colors of the purse and the shirt are really very close.

Note: I had to take the top in almost an inch on each side because it was too baggy. Most likely because I tend to like a snug fit.

Anyway, it feels good to be back in the blogging world and tomorrow I will get completely caught up on my reading and posting!


Amy Bailes said...

The next time you pick out purple and yellow, just pretend that you are a huge Louisiana State University fan. If you lived in LA. like I do there would be no need to explain your love for those two colors together.

Anonymous said...

I love your purse! There are no "purse police" to dictate what colors you use though! Do what YOU like! I hope you are at the Inn in a couple weeks when the quilters come back (in the ballroom this time). I want to pick your brain! Please bring your purses for show and tell! I am so glad you shared your blog with me.

Till then! JJ

laura said...

If any quilters see this comment, please let me know the dates you'll be at the inn. Even if I'm not on the schedule I wouldn't mind a non-working evening at the inn to snoop at all your work!!!

Angelia said...

Laura you did awesome on this purse!! Your purse skills get better and better!
The shirt turned out so pretty to!

Anonymous said...

I ADORE the purse. Shoot, darn- another order I have to make from Nicole!!

Nikki said...

Great to see the finished purse, Laura! You did a great job.

Will you make your NEXT one in purple and yellow?

Unknown said...