Thursday, September 11, 2008


This is what I found tonight.
The poor little soul got a little too nosy.

Then there is this version of a mouse trap.
A couple of hours after finding the above corpse, I sat down on my couch, thus prompting a mouse to scoot out from underneath and scurry across the floor.
Believe it or not I only screamed once and then, heaving a big sigh, went in search of my trusty mouse catcher.
In the meantime Chlorox took up the chase and trapped the poor thing in a corner and then sat down to patiently wait for it to move again.
I took over and placed the bucket over as much of the mouse as I could (considering that it was wedged tightly into a corner) and then used the handle of the brush to scooch it all the way under the bucket. Then I slid a piece of heavy paper underneath, flipped the bucket over, and plopped on the top.
The little guy is now over in another neighbors yard, hopefully finding shelter in a falling down shed and not coming back to my house.

Chorox, still waiting for her little friend to come out and play.


Nikki said...

Why is is we say "Eeek! Mouse!" set traps to get rid of them and then feel so sorry for the poor little moude that got snapped in the trap?? I do it every time I've had a mouse problem.

laura said...

I hate setting traps, but I also hate the thought of electrical wires being chewed or having the little stinkers run across my face while I'm sleeping! I do feel sorry for the ones that get caught in the trap but I also feel a sense of relief. At least they're cute, if something truly ugly was running around my house, I'd have hysterics!!

Mary Witzl said...

Sigh...they really are cute, but I don't fancy one sprinting across my face either. And in Japan, a friend of mine had one chew right through a 100,000-yen (big, big bucks) silk kimono.

This happens to me just about every night of the week. I've almost never had mouse-catching cats, so at first it was a novelty. Now I just corner the rodent, grab it by the tail (praying it won't bite -- some do) and fling it out over the balcony with a fervent "And don't come back or you're hash!" Poor things: it's not their fault; it's the stupid cat's.

I'm a big fan of the Have-a-Heart traps, but lately I just don't have the time; we get mice coming through here by the dozen.