Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Time flies and it's just so much fun! Not!

I worked quite a bit on Baby Girl's curtains this weekend but I don't have pictures because Baby Girl has borrowed my camera for a school project.

It's for her Communication's Art class, and I'd like to know when classes like Communication Art, came into being?

One of her brilliant projects was to, 'make something out of stuff'.

I kid you not.

And she's to draw 5 pictures, and the professor would like at least 4 hours to be spent on each one.


But the camera is to be used for an assignment wherein Baby Girl is to 'manipulate nature in an artistic way' and photograph it'.

I could have helped her with that one.

I would love to have a picture of the noisy bunch of red squirrels, that chose Saturday morning to have a turf war in the tree right outside my bedroom window, all tied together by their nasty little tails.

That would be manipulating nature at it's best!

Baby Girl hates this class and finds it to be a total waste of time.

But I think the real reason Baby Girl hates it, is the fact that, said Professor is over forty, pregnant, and doesn't shave her armpits!

Or as Baby Girl says, "Hans, you have nothing on her!"

I had to work at the inn last night, and tonight, therefor no sewing.

Last night's excitement involved Vet Tech Girl phoning me at around eleven PM and all I could hear through her hysteria was something about rushing to the hospital.

Only after my heart was in my throat did I realize that she was talking about her baby pitt bull, Duncan.

Apparently when Vet Tech Girl got home from work she discovered that one of Duncan's eyes was dilated.

Heavens to Betsy.

After a wild ride (that I'm sure Duncan thoroughly enjoyed) to the emergency clinic that Vet Tech Girl had just arrived home from, and an examination (that I'm sure Duncan thoroughly enjoyed), no one was any the wiser as to why Duncan's eye was dilated.

He now has an appointment with a doggy neurologist.

I kid you not.

I hope this girl never has children.

I don't have to work tomorrow night and I look forward to an evening of uninterrupted sewing (that is if Duncan doesn't get a fart stuck crosswise!), and if I can wrestle my camera away from Baby Girl I just might have some updated pictures!

Do you think he hears what I'm saying about him?

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Haaaaa......great post, Laura.