Monday, September 22, 2008

A little catching up.

Just a small re-cap of our weekend.

Here's Captain Hans doing something he's never done before.

He's fishing.

When I first met Hans and he told me that he liked to sail, I assumed (I know!!! Never assume!) that he probably also liked to fish. I was floored (and a little disappointed) to learn that fishing was just something his family never did.

Fishing was something my family did quite a bit of while I was growing up in my little swamp town and I still love it.

This little pole came with a lovely fishing guide complete with descriptions of Mako Sharks and Blue Marlin. Hans eagerly devoured all of this information and I fear that
I ruined his day when I pointed out that this particular pole wasn't going to cut the mustard with those big boys!

The perfect office.

Every work day should start with a Bloody Mary.

I really wanted to bake something in my little propane stove, so I bought a chocolate chip (what else!) muffin mix that only required water and then improvised by putting my muffin cups into a frying/baking pan.

Here is the 'before' baking picture.

And the slightly lopsided 'after' picture. I think I need to invent an insert for baking pans so that they can convert to muffin pans. On a boat, space is at a premium!!!

A pretty sunset and a fishing pole that never caught anything!


Anonymous said...

Looks like fun!

As for the muffins, use foil cups, they're stiffer than reg cups and hold their shape better. I use them on a reg cookie sheet and they do just fine.


laura said...

Aha! Thank you! I actually passed those up in the store because I've just never used them. Now I won't need to spend time inventing an 'insert'!!

Katie Alender said...

Those muffins look pretty good! (And so do the bloody marys.)

Anonymous said...

My son hires himself out to teach people how to fish. He is an awesome fisherman. I wish you lived closer. I would send him out with Hans for free lessons. Damon is currently selling a lot of his equipment so he can go south for the winter because his dad and I refuse to give him any more money. He has worked for many bait shops and has invested tons of money into tackle and rods. He sold $800 worth this morning (he probably paid $4000 for it) and still has a lot left. I feel bad that he has to sell his equipment but he has to learn a few life lessons. Unfortunately, he always seems to have to learn the hard way.

One nice thing about when he was living with me is we always had fish to eat. Tuna, mako, mahi mahi, bluefish, bass and whatever else the catch of the day was. I hope I don't have mercury poisoning.

The muffins look good but then any food looks good to me since I started weight watchers.

Mary Witzl said...

When we lived in Japan, our oven was too tiny to hold muffin tins or cookie sheets, so I used the bottom of a cheesecake tin for my cookie sheet and put muffin liners in washed-out tunafish cans when I baked muffins. This works fine, though the muffins do end up a little wide.

My husband is with you 100% on the bloody marys...