Monday, September 8, 2008

Poor little Jiminy Cricket

Tonight when I got to the inn to work I said, "What the hell is that chirping noise?"

And guess what?

We have a cricket.

In the kitchen.

And God Bless his little soul, he chirped all night.

At first it was cute but I've got to tell you that after awhile it could drive you nuts.

He never stopped.

From what I can remember, crickets in the house (or inn?) are supposed to bring good luck. I suppose it could be true for people but I don't think it's so lucky for the poor cricket. But I did have a calm night and I'll take that anytime.

Now get this.

We have a group staying at the inn and they are a bunch of quilters (not quitters!).

Here's what they do.

They bring all their fabric, and sewing machines, and they sew all day long for about a week.

How fun is that?

Actually, we have several groups that do this. The Happy Hookers hook beautiful wool rugs, and then we have several groups of quilters that use the inn throughout the year.

I've mentioned in some of my other posts that we have several dining rooms at the inn. These ladies take over one of those rooms and set their machines up for the week. Then they get their complimentary breakfast (and it's good, believe me!) and have lunch and dinner either at the inn or wherever they feel like going and sew their little hearts out the rest of the time.

Someday I'm going to do that.

Every year I peek in on them and I happened to have my Beach Bag (full of my clothes and make-up bag etc...) and my Snap Purse with me, and of course I had to show them, and of course they loved them and they told me to bring my other purses in on Wednesday which is my next scheduled night. I'll take them but I hope they don't look too closely at my work!! And I'm going to ask if I can take some pictures of their work to post on my blog.

Really though, wouldn't you love to be able to stay at a beautiful inn for a few days and sew all day long with your friends?

I know I would.

And if I ever find myself in a position to do this, I'm sending out a welcome to all of you to join me!!!

Even Jiminy Cricket will be welcome.


Nikki said...

I would LOVE to have a SEW-inn... so to speak. What a FANTASTIC idea!!

laura said...

Sew-Inn is a great name!! I should tell the owner that she should advertise this concept. She could really push it during the slow months when the inn is virtually empty. I doubt if any of our local sewists have even considered such an outing. All of the quilters and 'hookers' we've had at the inn are almost all from out of town.

Janet Joehlin said...

Laura! What a wonderful blog! I was the quilter making the Triple Irish Chain quilt at the Inn last week. I knew it was a 'labor intensive' project when I started it, but I got a LOT done at our retreat. I wish you would have taken more photos and I wish you WOULD have shown us the purses you brought on Wed. We should have insisted! If you had looked close at all those little squares I was sewing you would have seen they weren't matching up perfectly. Aren't we all our own worst critics? Thank you for sharing your blog address with us. We will miss you next year!

Anonymous said...

Laura, Your blog is wonderful!
Thanks for sharing the link with us.
We love coming to the Inn every year and always look forward to your visiting as well. I loved seeing your purses and am sorry we didn't insist you bring them all in to see them.. outstanding!

We tried out the hula hoop on the porch before leaving. It wasn't pretty... I noticed it was much easier when I was 8!


laura said...

Ladies, I'm so glad you looked me up in blogland! If any of you have blogs of your own, please let me know as I would love to continue to admire your work!!!